The McKenzie (1)

Carmella and Alison grew up in the sixties where imagination was their iPad and the great outdoors was their television. Their creativity kept them entertained as they would make up games and recreate stories.

As youngsters, they were always telling stories and making up characters who accompany them on adventures into the woodlands, but their first writing came in the form of a magazine they created for a secret club of friends!


Now they are both writing and publishing novels together. It started when Carmella was living in Cyprus for a short while and started to write. Alison became her editor and loved getting involved with the stories. It gave her the writing bug.

They both have a wealth of ideas that show no signs of slowing down, meetings over coffee have become a ‘suggestion and ideas fest’ and supporting and encouraging each other, the stories have gone back and forth, with added suggestions and critique.

They have just launched their debut novels Haberdashery and From the Future with Love, and both have plenty more books up their sleeve!