Moving to Ibbot Island, to help her grandmother, run a guesthouse, Iris discovers letters, from her estranged father, who had died seven years earlier. Learning of his true feelings, and some long-buried secrets, she begins to form a deep bond with the man she never knew.

Visiting one of his childhood haunts, a lighthouse that she can see from her bedroom window, Iris is inspired to create a series of illustrations.

Initially, Dart Harding, is fascinated to see Iris sketching his home, but when she introduces herself, his abrupt change of mood borders on rudeness.

Some answers to his strange behaviour are found in the Island's small graveyard. Others are filled in by her grandmother, and eventually, Dart himself.

Taking refuge in her painting, Iris is unaware that her pictures begin to shape the lives of the people around her.

It seems that the Druid-magic which runs through her family's veins is beginning to awaken in her own.

But, if love and magic alone, can't save the day, it may come down to the words from the old magpie rhyme, Eight for a wish.