Fate's Daughter
Book 1

Tyra can easily spot the Veiled Fortress, even though it has been camouflaged by Gods with the powers of obscurity. She can also freeze raindrops and look directly at the sun. Her mother is not surprised, after all, Tyra is a halfling and her father, a God of Fate.

Discovering she has an immortal family, with different abilities, brings an understanding of her own powers and an answer to the visions she's been experiencing since childhood. It is also a means of escape from an abusive uncle and the life he has mapped out for her, as his future wife.

Meanwhile, from the eyries on Golden Mountain, the harpies carefully watch the interactions between the Gods and mortals, waiting to see where they will fit within the rich tapestry that is continually woven, unravelled and rewoven into new patterns.

Song of the Harpy
Book 2

Now that Tyra has joined the Gods, she must find her place in the Veil. Tempest and Mistral are delighted to welcome her and vow to help their friend Ruby, who, keen to pursue Wildwood, still has problems with her dysfunctional, mortal family, below.

As with all the God's promises, they are well meant but quickly forgotten and the twins, easily distracted with their pursuit of the Harpies, are unaware of just how twisted all their paths are becoming.

Flirtations, reprisals and anger lead to the opening of the Well of Oblivion and once inside, it seems there is no coming back.

In this new and strange land, harpies, Gods and mortals all have a life changing lesson to learn but as a relationship blossoms, so a long-forgotten prophecy will be fulfilled.