An invite from her best friend to spend the summer in Scotland, and celebrate her twentieth birthday, is just the thing Robyn needs to put some positivity back in her life.

On the long drive from Devon, she is strangely drawn to a man she finds collapsed and bleeding in the middle of the wheat-field. There is something about this dark-haired, dark-eyed stranger, that's more than mysterious.

The last thing Robyn expects is to become entangled in a romance before even crossing the border, but she feels an inexplicable connection, and perhaps Shay, feeling it too, or due to his bang on the head, starts dropping hints about life in another time.

From the Future, With Love is a love story with a time-travelling twist, and a reminder that today's actions have future consequences.

What They Said...

Make time for this time travelling romance

"I was so engrossed and wanting to know what happened that I sat in a restaurant at a family dinner reading the ending!! A very pleasurable read with great characters and some very unique concepts. I'd love to see the story continued in some kind of sequel, even if it didn't follow the same characters, the world in which Alison McKenzie has created is so enthralling I'd be eager to find out more about it."

Fantastic read that I just simply couldn't put down

"Fantastic read that I just simply couldn't put down. Not your average love story, there's a strong focus on the love of friendship which made me constantly think of me and my best friend. The ending was unexpected but perfect in every way."