In a post-apocalyptic world, life depends on the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Everyone has just one of those Elements deep within their being, an Element that has entered before birth and which shapes their lives and abilities. Survival of the new society without industry or technology depends on skills of the individuals to work with the Elements of Nature.


Jetta is Earthborn, and from a young age completely in tune with the land and the animals that share it. Although, unaware just how powerful her abilities could be, it becomes apparent to the Earth-Masters that she may become one of them. Constantly drawn to the lake, her dreams are plagued with dark water, falling stars and strange creatures. More strangely still, Jetta starts showing every indication that she may also have some sort of water ability, even though it is unheard of for anyone to possess a second element.

Finn, a yound man whose Water Element is so strong that he will inevitably become a Master, cannot resist the attraction he finds for Jetta, nor she for him. But he has a secret and is terrified that their relationship will put Jetta at risk. With threats to his family, held in captive in the north, he has no choice other that to do the bidding of a power hungry Fire-Master, who will think nothing of murder to achieve his goal.


What They Said...


I loved this book

"I loved this book, a mixture of characters, each with abilities (some hidden awaiting to develop). With a believable story that your imagination can explore. Well done Alison for writing a book with great plot lines a developing love story and a villain we all love to hate. More of this please (book 2)?"


Finn has left and Jetta is full of remorse and grief. As the summer approaches neither of them are coping well. Struggling with the celebration of solstice, Jetta comes to a decision, she will find Finn and bring him home. Heading north to a remote community, danger awaits in the form of an old adversary and it is Jetta that will need saving.

Finn, reunited with his friends rides to North-Flats on a rescue mission, with tragic and devastating consequences.

Months later many of the group find their lives changed for ever, when a very different kind of danger threatens them in Dark-Lake Valley. Varik's son will finish what his father started.


Even the most evil of Fire-Masters can't seem to stay dead. Raising his new family in the Southern lands, it is now time for him to return North and seek out Jetta's family. Revenge this time will have to be fulfilled by the next generation and Varik plans to pull the strings.

Unfortunately, 'love' was never factored into his plans and finding out that some things are beyond the elements is a bitter pill to swallow.