Thorpe versus Ravel. Farmer versus land developer. The two families have clashed dramatically for over 1,000 years. The bad blood between them does not help the cause of Saxon and Toni, the son and daughter from each household who have their own love/hate relationship to contend with.

Enter Sebastian Raven, a 17th-century ghost who is the biggest advocate of this young couple's happy ending. This unlikely trio must work together to unearth church relics and reclaim a priceless necklace, named the Sapphire Heart, to ensure that Sebastian can atone for past sins. However, to lift a curse that affects them all, Toni and Saxon will need to develop a more intimate and lasting connection – not so easy with family pressure and Toni's growing attraction to Sebastian complicating matters. Not to mention Saxon's stepmother, who also has her sights set firmly on her stepson.

Can they all do enough to ensure the outcome for this modern-day Romeo and Juliet will not mirror the tragic fate that befell the most famous star-crossed lovers of all time?

What They Said...

My new favourite by Alison McKenzie

"I don't even know where to start! I LOVED THIS BOOK! Once I started it, I just couldn't put it down and I stayed up late to finish it! It's written so beautifully well and the characters are so well developed that it's easy to fall in love with them/absolute to detest them, as the case may be. The storyline was so engrossing and so intricately interwoven that it's become one of my favourite books! The Sapphire Heart is a perfect blend of romance, adventure and the supernatural. Definitely a must read!"

Enid Blyton meets George R.R. Martin

"Where do I even begin? Such a smorgasbord of genre from romance to game of thrones to Enid Blyton style adventure and even a Disneyesque wicked step mother! All so cleverly interwoven that it all just fits into place. I admit, at the start I struggled with some of the language from a particular supernatural character. But I was soon so absorbed in the plot that I no longer noticed. A fantastic and easy read, it was just the indulgence I was after during my summer off work! I urge you to read more by this author."