Not content with ruling one kingdom, Darwen sets his sights on his brother's land, Elaria. Deposing and murdering the royal family, he is unaware that his baby niece is taken to safety. Kara is raised in ignorance of her birthright but as the years pass, the truth is discovered and her life is in danger once again.

With the help of her childhood friend, Faris, she escapes Darwen for the second time and is taken to the land of the gryphons. It is there, that she will come to understand her dual heritage, not only as the true heir of Elaria, but also as the gryphon queen.

While Faris is taken hostage and forced into Darwen's army, Kara vows to re-take her kingdom, but must first learn to fight and use long dormant magical abilities. Neither can forget the other, but when the next battle comes, circumstances will see them on opposing sides.