A Ruby Unchained

Niamh and Eldrin, along with the loyal Kellam and their new companions, head for the West Kingdom, the land of Autumn, now in rot and decay.

The mystery of what happened to Connal, fifty years ago and his relationship with the missing Princess Juniper is the reason the Western King makes some ill-judged choices, putting Niamh in danger. Lepoli’s determination to capture her and his fall into madness coming ever closer, changes the balance of power in the Central Kingdom and causes the other Regents to agree he must be deposed.

The wizard, Hedonix is fighting his own battle for survival with an ancient and very personal enemy, will he be able to help Niamh and the others when they need him?

Niamh and Eldrin are torn apart just when they truly accept their feelings for each other but the prophecy still continues to unfold.

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The author’s an evil genius the way she plucks at your emotions.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I almost couldn’t bring myself to read the last part, the penultimate stage upon which the finale is set.

This has been a wonderful series. Richly portrayed characters, woven into a story that runs the reader through the gauntlet of differing emotions.