Ever since she was a child, Lily's ambition has been to run Roots, her grandparent's garden centre, but it is rundown and her father wants it sold for development. Against his wishes, she studies horticulture after leaving school.

Across town, Murdoch, whose mother left him with a drunken father at the age of eight, has also discovered the delights of gardening. After some time working in the big new rival, Garden Zone, he takes a job at the much friendlier, Roots.

Quirky Merry Faith Good makes a bright addition to the Roots team with her ever-changing hair colour. She sets in motion a series of bewitching events that, rather strangely, help the troubled young Murdoch and also put a spoke in the works of the developers who are eyeing up the Roots site.

Lily, who is studying at the Eden Project in Cornwall, flits in and out of Murdoch's life. He finds himself drawn to her, but believes she is involved with someone from a better background, so becomes moody and difficult at times.

Will Lily realise her dream and be able to turn Roots' future around?

Can Murdoch put his past behind him and embrace the new opportunities and people in his life?

With a sprinkling of magical fertiliser, can love blossom?

Reviews from Amazon and Goodreads


Carmella McKenzie has done it again!
"Another fantastic blend of real world meets fantasy world! Once again, the real-life elements of the
story are so well-written, so natural and so easy to relate to that it makes for really good reading.
I loved the many nods to Haberdashery, especially a cameo from a certain someone, but I
also like that this book can be read completely stand alone for new readers. The magical elements
seemed to pack more of a punch in Blooming Grand, without upsetting the real-life balance within the
book. I adored that all of this was spearheaded by the kick ass, punky character of Merry. She was
definitely my favourite! I'm looking forward to what Carmella McKenzie does next!"

A fun and compulsive read
"A comfortable underlying love story between the two main characters, Murdoch and Lily plus
dirty deals and underhand family betrayals kept my interest until the end. The touch of magic
from the quirky Merry not to mention dear old Grandma and Granddad keeping everyone
grounded makes this book a fun and compulsive read."