Hannah has always been a bit of a dreamer. She loves nothing more than escaping into the pages of a bodice ripper, where the men are a darn sight more impressive than her husband, Michael. It would be fair to say her 5-year marriage was not living up to her romantic expectations.

She channels her frustrations and creativity into her sewing and crafts some beautiful pieces. It started with her own wedding dress, which had a strangely magical look after she discovered a mysterious haberdashery shop and its even more mysterious owner, the quirky Fae Dorothy Grim.

A chance encounter with a tall, dark stranger sets a chain of events in motion, which turn her life around. Still spinning, she hurtles from one big life change to another. Can Hannah make, cut, sew and put a special finish on her own life?

This heart-warming tale will have you rooting for Hannah as she stitches together her new life.

Reviews from Amazon and Goodreads


You know you're reading a gook book when you stay awake until the early hours to finish it
"I loved this book from page one. It's very easy to relate to the characters in the book, who are all very
fleshed out and individual. Hearing from their point of view constantly really creates that sense of
identity for the characters that other books sometimes lack. The ordinary mundane lives of the
characters, with all of their trials and tribulations, are easy to relate to, but then you get this fantastical
magical element interwoven so cleverly that it creates this natural, flowing story that has you hooked
from start to finish."

Sew good
"I loved this book. It's a love story with a bit of magic. I could relate to the characters and enjoyed the
sewing elements. It was an easy read and I found it hard to put down."