Melting the Sapphire

Drayverdene, land of the elves. Torn apart by war and leaving the kingdoms isolated, suffering the worst aspects of their seasons. A forever Winter, a Summer desert, a decaying Autumn and a Spring with no new growth.

A prophecy involving an elf and a human brings together Niamh, a young Irish girl and Patrick, a changeling who does not know his true identity as Eldrin, Prince of the East. Falling through a portal together, they find themselves in the Sapphire Kingdom of the North. Here, King Greylan wonders if it is his role to fulfil the prophecy, whilst elsewhere, in the Central Kingdom, Prince Lepoli, wants Niamh and control of the scarab so he sets out to find her.

This is the first part of a story that takes Niamh and Eldrin, through all the kingdoms, facing danger and separation as well as new friendships and relationships being forged before the prophecy can be fulfilled.

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Found a Gem

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

A departure from my usual reading, but I’m glad I did.