The Amber Prophecy

Amber Nolan has dreams of the past, and of a young, handsome man who makes her feel like no young man in real life has ever done. But at the age of just 18, Amber loses both her parents. Struggling to cope and in a dead-end job at a local library, an advertisement catches her eye for a full-time, live-in librarian to sort and catalogue the extensive collection of books at a mysterious country house known as Shadow Grange for an equally mysterious employer Lord Eron.

Amber is perfectly happy with her new work, and yet there is something strange going on. There is a section of the library that she must not go near, and there seems to be some sort of secret that neither Lord Eron nor Mason his assistant will tell her. More confusing still, she starts to have brief visions in which she sees Lord Eron as the handsome young man from her dreams, and she is inexplicably drawn to him.

But there is indeed a secret at Shadow Grange. There is a force of evil that must not escape, and Lord Eron is custodian not only of the evil but also of a power for good that has existed since long before humans inhabited the Earth. And, perhaps, Amber may be the key to ensuring its survival.

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A really intriguing read, the concept of where rhesus ...
"A really intriguing read, the concept of where rhesus negative blood originated mixed with science
fictional abilities makes this book exciting and interesting. Looking forward to book 2."